What "floats" my boat...


The amazing potential the mind contains has me going back into the tank over and over again. No matter what I've done during the day or experienced, I am always ready to get in and process all of life's wonders. Particularly for me, I am deeply interested in the cosmos and understanding how and why we are here. I'm constantly asking myself the questions too big to answer. What is it about the framework of the universe that resembles the framework of our neurological connections? What is and how does dark energy interact with matter? The feeling and experience of being weightless in complete darkness opens up new pathways for the mind to see. The float tank offers a chance of feeling a deep connection with oneself and the universe, where they are no longer separate but One. All it takes is an open mind and an open heart to experience the beauty and love within. 

– Zane

"Float Guru"

Zane Ritter