Peace Seeker

The event we've been looking forward to all week starts at 7:00… and it's 6:34, with crosstown traffic being the usual unforgiving beast. We all know the drill and anticipate the outcome. The feeling is much like a catfish swimming in a small puddle on a hot summer day. Stress… meet anxiety. Anxiety… meet stress. It's time to cozy up and ravage another neural network. 

Well, at least there's dinner, although it's just another heaping helping of an unappetizing bio-stew. That indigestible concoction starts with way too much of the ever present stress hormone, adrenalin. Mix well with a bit of cortisol, same flavor profile as adrenalin, only a faster, more in-your-face response. Add in a smidge of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that just jacks up everything nervous and we've got ourselves one (not particularly filling) combo exotica. It's definitely an appetite killer and in reality, it's killing the rest of the body as well. Constantly chipping away at our health and chipping away at our joy. 

It is time to float…  It's time to eliminate all the stressful external stimulation and allow a battered body to recuperate. Floating allows parts of the mind to re-channel it's resources from daily event processing, to resting and healing. So forget about dinner's messy main course and bring on dessert!   We're talking endorphins, those "feel good" hormones that allows us to relax to the max. While floating, the body begins to release a host of mood boosting endorphins leaving one with a pleasant afterglow that can last for days. Absolutely delicious! The body and mind effortlessly working in harmony in a peaceful, meditative state. Floating is always time well spent… with senses heightened and horizons broadened. Hey, this catfish is again ready for the crosstown drill. 

- Seth

"The Floating Head"


Zane Ritter