A Short Essay on Floating by Carey Ott

Floating in water heated to skin temperature, saturated with 40% Epsom salt may not be for everyone, but it’s helped me cope with anxiety and stress. It’s helped me ween off of bad habits and addictions to stuff that is unhealthy for me. It’s boosted my energy and creativity. It’s stretching my capacity to imagine a deeper, richer Life More Abundant. It’s promoted deeper sleep and enhanced my focus and increased my awareness. It has lowered my blood pressure and boosted my immunity. All of this is my experience and it is not guaranteed that it will affect all people the same way it affected me, however I can say assuredly, after floating more than 100 times over the last 4 years, floating is not a fad. 

Floating is also not a cure-all or a panacea. Floating, like working out at a gym, takes persistence and a dedication to your practice. Floating one hour is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. Floating synchs your body and mind and spirit so you can experience a natural sense of wholeness. Floating is a safe and effective way to recharge your body’s natural healing capabilities. 

There is a stream of new science coming out on floating. https://www.clinicalfloatation.com/publications

Floating engages the human being from many different angles. There is nothing else like it. That is why I can assuredly say that floating is the best healing modality I have ever come across. And I have tried many.

Who floating is for:

-Open-minded people who would prefer to be more curious / less cynical. 

-Open-hearted people who would prefer to be less fearful / more playful.

Who floating is also for, but they will most likely refuse to try it:

-People who tend to overthink things and would rather be right than feel good.

-People who are often angry, stubborn and set in their ways.

I am writing this because I love floating and I love people. And floating is good for people. This is honest and true and from the heart. I have no agenda other than spreading the joy within myself that floating has opened me up to.

-Carey Ott

Zane Ritter