Float Horizen is a new float center and alternative therapy spa located in East Nashville. Float Horizen is a place where you can completely unplug from the stress of life’s daily pressures resulting in the unity and awareness of the mind and body’s inner workings.

Float Horizen is an innovator in the floatation spa industry committed to serving our customers by creating a unique stimulus-free environment, allowing the mind and body to relax, recharge, and recalibrate. Float Horizen is the destination to experience deep relaxation. Float tanks create a zero-gravity therapeutic environment that’s designed for individuals seeking alternative methods to enhance their overall health and well-being.

In addition to float sessions, alternative therapies will include: salt therapy, yoga and harmonic sound therapy. Allow your creative powers to emerge. 

Welcome to Float Horizen… begin your journey to oneness.

Floatation therapy has been proven to have an abundance of physical, mental and emotional benefits.

A few of which include chronic pain relief, a strengthened immune system, muscle and bone regeneration, a reduced risk of hypertension and anxiety, stress relief, and enhanced creativity. 


physical benefits

mental benefits

emotional benefits

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more than just floating 

Float Horizen is more than just a float spa. We also offer salt therapy and other alternative therapies, all of which promote overall well-being, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and allow your creative powers to emerge. 


Salt Therapy 

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Additional Services


Harmonic Sound Therapy