Beginner tips

  • Floating for the first time will not be anything like you can imagine. That’s okay because it’s impossible to go in with no expectations. Just remember, one thing you can expect for sure is that you will leave the tank feeling relaxed.

  • Make sure a towel is easily accessible near the tank in case you get water in your eyes. There is nothing worse than scratching an annoying itch on your face only to get water in your eyes!

  • Do not think about time. Worrying your session is about to end or wondering how long you’ve been in only subtracts from the experience.  You will receive an auditory or visual notification letting you know your session is over.

  • Focus on breathing. Just like meditation, focusing on breathing can help you relax.

  • Try placing hands above head, out to sides, crisscrossed over chest to find your most relaxed position.

  • The more times you float, the less time it takes to get "in the zone" during future floats.

  • Use the provided vaseline to cover cuts or scratches. Ever heard the idiom “to rub salt in a wound?” Because of the salt in the tank, forgetting to cover cuts brings that idiom to life in a float tank.

  • Try floating both with and without the foam neck pillow. Some find neck support helps relaxation.

  • If after your first float you think you had trouble worrying about time, try requesting for the float center to play music for the first half and silence for the second half of your next float. Music is a good experience to try while floating, and the half music, half silence method works as a timer to let you know when your float is half over so you can focus less on time and more on the float.